New Homepage Design!

2 minutes
January 5, 2023

After 21 years it was time for a redesign of my homepage. Not everything is converted yet, but I’m working on it!

This time I wanted to make it easy and not create an own theme, but use the static web page generator Hugo and a nice, fitting theme from the gallery. The absolute majority of free themes didn’t fit for my use case or I didn’t liked them. The best fitting one was the personal-web theme, but as always: if you try to use it for your ideas to have something own, I reached pretty fast the boundaries of this theme. As for the most, it was only designed for one special use case, but I had several in mind. Like a blog, some recipes, my photo gallery, some old stuff I don’t want to delete, and so on… Additional, the used CSS framework doesn’t seem to exist anymore and created quite some problems on mobile devices.

So I spend several days and nights on creating my own theme based on pure CSS, here it is :):

My theme can be found on github.

What will come next? There are many plans, I hope to find enough energy to work on it during the next nights 😏

  • Recipe theme
  • Convert my modell railway pages
  • Try to integrate my OpenStreetMap maps for Garmin devices
  • Taxonomie pages?
  • SEO? Especially the application/ld+json entries for the different pages
  • Cleanup, remove all the stuff I don’t need